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How can I download VoIP Taha App?

For Android App : Please visit Google Play Store and search "VoIP Taha" and install on your device.

For iPhone App : Please visit Apple Store and search "VoIP Taha" and install on your device.

For Windows Phone8 App : Please visit Windows Phone Store and search "VoIP Taha" and install on your device.

How much does the App Cost?

The VoIP Taha App is completely free to download. You will only be charged the call rates once you use the App to make international calls.

How do I make calls with VoIP Taha Android App?

To make calls using VoIP Taha Android App simply follow the instructions below:

» Tap on the VoIP Taha App icon. You will see one-time Account Setting. Enter your User Number and Password then click on Login.
» Dial "00" then the Country code followed by the phone number and click on call button to make call

How do I make payments using the VoIP Taha App?

At present, the option of making a payment using your VoIP Taha App is not available. Visit our website to make a payment or to top up your VoIP Taha account.

What should I do if my call is not being connected?

Please check that the dialled number is in the correct format which is ‘00’ followed by the country code and then the phone number you wish to call.
If you have dialled correctly and the call is still not connected then we recommend that you contact our Customer Support Team via

What are the charges for making calls to a landline or a mobile using the PC App?

Charges for international calls to landlines or mobiles are the same when you use any of the VoIP Taha Apps. Details of our call rates to different international destinations can be found in our international call rates section.